Theater plays a vital role in society, it affirms universal truths, it provides a mirror to see the truth about ourselves, 

and it inspires us to do better.

Since its founding in 1974, The Morningside Players has been recognized for artistic excellence and acknowledged

 for promoting community and engaging the richly diverse Morningside Heights neighborhood.


"I want history to remember me... not as the first black woman to have a bid for the presidency of the United States, 

but as a black woman who lived in the 20th century and who dared to be herself.

I want to be remembered as a catalyst for change in America."

--- Shirley Chisholm, First Black U.S. Congresswoman & Major-Party Presidential Candidate, Educator, Author

"Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less."

--- Marie Curie, Physicist, Nobel Prize Winner

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Current News



For April, 2021, we would like to honor Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who died on April 12th, 1945, 

by presenting

FDR Returns...and Just In Time

a wonderful short film created by

two of our actors from Morningside Players, Mark Hofmaier (Roosevelt/writer) and Luke Hofmaier (director).

Enjoy! (Please click on the title above for the link)



















(Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 1937)






In March, we celebrate Women's History Month. This year we honor the women health care workers fighting the COVID pandemic.


We tell the stories of a few key pioneers in the medical field from the past two centuries.  Women who overcame prejudice

and hardship while making significant advances for humankind.

Here's a brief glimpse into the lives of some of these trailblazers.

We owe a debt to them, and to the women who are fighting for us today.

           The Morningside Players present Women's History Month: The Healers


Conceived and Written by Cecelia Riddett

Edited and Produced by Luke Hofmaier


Featuring (in order of appearance):

Cecelia Riddett

Susanna Frazer

Bridget Leicester

Carol Carter

Jill Melanie Wirth

Donnah Welby

Honoring Black History 2021


Thurgood Marshall served as Associate Justice and later, Associate Chief Justice

of the United States Supreme Court from 1967 to 1991.

Justice Marshall and his wife were early residents of Morningside Gardens.

On July 4, 1992, Justice Marshall received the Constitution Centers, Liberty Medal.


The Morningside Players commemorate Black History Month with a reading of Marshall’s Liberty Medal

acceptance remarks. Though spoken nearly 30 years ago, his words still resonate today,

providing us inspiration, purpose, and hope.

Thurgood Marshall Liberty Medal Reading



The Morningside Players present a YouTube Monologue and Scene Workshop reading of works by TMP Playwrights Group.

TMP Playwrights Group YouTube Monologue and Scene Workshop

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