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Upcoming Production of The Country House

A summer house of actors and creative souls, gathered together during the Williamstown Theater Festival. This charming and emotionally compelling comedy/drama explores and exposes a family of performers. They are forced to grapple with simmering jealousies, parental love, envy, romantic longing and the search for art, fame and acceptance. Playwright Margulies won the Pulitzer Prize for Dinner With Friends and his incisive wit, bold conflicts and humanity are present here.



Production Info:


AEA approved showcase. Approx. $200. travel stipend given per AEA actor. Rehearsals begin April 26th, usually weekday evenings, and Sat. and Sun. afternoons. Show runs May 26th – June 12th. All rehearsals take place at TMP Theater Space 100 La Salle St, lower level. Morningside Heights, 2 blocks south of 125th St and B’way.




Playwright                              Donald Margulies

Director                                  Richard Van Deusen 

Producer                                 TMP  (artistic director, Susanna Frazer)

Set                                           Mike Mahaney 

Sound, lights                           Patrick Mahaney

Costumes                                Cecelia Riddett  

Casting                                    Carol Nadell 

Stage Manager                        Zach Weg   




Actor/roles Breakdown  - ensemble cast of 6


Anna Patterson  - 60’s – 70  famous, iconic actress, still attractive, vibrant, frightened about keeping her position 


Michael Astor– early 40’s stage actor turned household name/movie and tv star – very handsome, charismatic, trying to do the right thing (open to all ethnicities)


Susie -  reads late teens-21  Anna’s granddaughter. A college student, the non-actor in the family and truth speaker.


Walter Keegan  - 60’s very famous action movie director, was married to Anna’s daughter who passed away, Susie’s father.


Elliot Cooper – Anna’s son, 30’s – 40  frustrated, hurt, increasingly failed actor and now playwright.


Nell McNally – late 20’s early 30’s to 40 somewhat successful, struggling actress engaged to Walter – was once involved with Elliot when both were very young.



If interested, please email pic and resume to Carol Nadell, casting director at  and she will contact you if possible with an audition slot – held in mid April.  (Hard copy mailing address is TMP  100 La Salle St   box#1     NY, NY 10027)


Thanks so much for your interest!

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