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"a genuine old fashioned horror thriller!" - NY Daily News


"Funny, serious, scary , hilarious and bloody enjoyable, cross my heart"  - WABC TV

The thrilling vampire classic - a beautiful young woman must be saved from the horrific UNDEAD!

We are proud to present a project that is very different from our usual productions.   It is the retelling of the classic 1897 Bram Stoker novel, THE PASSION OF DRACULA, by Bob Hall and David Richmond.  The scene is set in the 1930s English countryside.  Several village girls have died under mysterious circumstances, while the neighborhood has acquired a new resident - Count Dracula!   This is a classic tale of the struggle between good and evil, as our team of hearty characters fight to save the young woman whom Dracula has decided will be his bride!  


Performance Dates & Times

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Stephen Bauder
Tess Frazer
Bridget Leicester
Craig Myers
Brandon deSpain
Cecelia Riddett
Jason Silverman
David Wirth

Directed by Susanna Frazer




James Armstrong*

    Stephen Bauder   (link)

Brandon deSpain*

Tess Frazer

Bridget Leicester

Craig Myers

Cecelia Riddett*

      Jason Silverman*  (link)

David Wirth*


*appearing courtesy of Actors Equity association


Set: Mike Mahaney

Sound + Light design: Patrick Mahaney

Costumes: Noelle McMillin

Stage Manager: Zachary Weg 



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