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SCRIPTS by Judson Lewis Levin


Judson Lewis Levin (Jud) was the husband of Ellie Levin and, as Ellie is now, very active as a part of The Morningside Players for over two decades.  A lawyer by profession, it was on the long commute by subway and PATH train to his law office in Newark that he began to write plays.The Morningside Players produced many of his plays including Campfires in the Neutral Zone and Malarial Blood and Dancing to Mozart.  His wife Ellie has been kind enough to make several of Jud's plays available on our website.  Below you will find links to those plays.


For further interest, please use the TMP contact option on this website.  Click on the links below to download.





The Ship From Delos

The Tall Bazille

Monuments To Dead Horses

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