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A theatrical family grapples with fame vs art, mismatched love, buried secrets, explosive jealousies and the search for acceptance - in this charming, funny emotional rollercoaster

About The Country House

A summer house of actors and creative souls, gathered together during the Williamstown Theater Festival. This charming and emotionally compelling comedy/drama explores and exposes a family of performers – as they grapple with simmering jealousies, parental love, envy, romantic longing and the search for art, fame and acceptance. Playwright Margulies won the Pulitzer Prize for Dinner With Friends and his incisive wit, bold conflicts and humanity are present here.



“The Country House takes its mother-son rift, its theme of art and ego and unrequited love, and even its bucolic setting from Anton Chekhov, but what it has most in common with its source material is an ability to scrupulously map all the contours of the human heart.” 

LA Weekly



“A valentine to the theater…there are laughs aplenty.”

The Huffington Post



“The Country House is one of the most satisfying new American plays to reach Broadway in the past decade… a truly affecting play”.        

The Wall Street Journal

The Actors

The Actors

Maria DeCotis - Susie Keegan


William Franke  -  Elliot Cooper

Annemarie Hagenaars  -  Nell McNally


Martin L’Herault  -  Walter Keegan


Jon Shaver - Michael Astor


Donnah Welby  -  Anna Patterson

Maria DeCotis
William Franke
Annemarie Hagenaars
Martin L’Herault
Jon Shaver
Donnah Welby

Performance Schedule

The Creative Team








Stage Manager


Donald Margulies
Richard E. Van Deusen
Susanna Frazer for TMP
Mike Mahaney
Patrick Mahaney
Cecelia Riddett          
Carol Nadell
Zachary Weg
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